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by , 11-18-2011 at 12:45 PM (789 Views)
I have always been a magazine nut. I would have at least 2-5 subcriptions and still would constantly buy magazines. I love all types of magazines, crafting, cooking, decor, general, gossip, educational. you name it, I would read it Besides my other habits, magazines rank right up there in the top 5. I have become more obessive since the show extreme couponing has aired. I find all kinds of coupons, tip and information in magazines. I stopped buying magazines for a while since the price has gone through the roof. $8.00 for one magazine. That price does not fit in my budget. As a frugal person, I have an image to uphold, lololol. My motto and middle name is sale, discount, my personal favorite, free. I tried to read my mags online, but it doesn't have the same feel as turning the page. Plus sometimes they have offers that the online version does not have. I had 5 subscriptions going at once and they let me pay a little over time, but even that became two expensive. What to do, What to do? How can I keep my love of reading the mag and still maintain my frugal badge. I found a way. First, I usually ride with my husband when he has his doctor's appointments. They have a cart near the front entrance in which you can take magazines home with you. Most of them are the latest issues. They have so many spread out over the hospital, I just take what I need and want to read. Second, I live right in the middle of two libraries. They will sell most of the magazines from 10 - 25 cents. The first library sells whatever subscriptions that have on hand. The second one follows the same format, but they also take in donations from outside sources. You get a different varity of magazines at the second library, based on their donations. Third, and the last place I score magazines is at my job. Someone is always leaving magazines on the table. I take what I need and bring in my pile from my other sources, so that there will be a fresh supply.

I love to read and I love reading magazines. I found a way to continue my passion, that won't break the bank.

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