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The endofthe month

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by , 01-27-2012 at 11:22 AM (1077 Views)
I have doubled my efforts to save more and spend less this year. A new saving pattern for myself and my household. So far, our furnance needed repair. We need some major car repairs which we have already estimated to be about $650.00. I had some extra insurance taken out of my check, so I do not have as much money to pay with. I cleaned out my closet, drawers and even my craft area. I dontaed everything(I might be a secret hoarder. I hope not). Despite some of the setbacks, we are still blessed. Our bills are paid and we have food in the house. I can't complain, but you know I am going to. If not in this post somewhere down the line. I finally got a subscription for the All You Magazine. It was the cheapest(1.25 an issue instead of the newsstand price of 2.49). I can pay that over time, while getting the benfits of the all the coupons in the magazine. Plus I will get it early. I have not been using my coupons as much. Some of the sales have not been matching up, so why buy something just because it has an coupon attached. I am more deliberate with my money. I am keeping a diary of what I am spending and where. My system of saving all my reciepts is already in place. Next on my list is to buy a new computer. The one we have has gone bye, bye and we need another one, bad, It is not always easy to get to the library. Ok, I have to go back to work. Stay tune for more adventures of Save-a-lot. Best wishes to all.

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