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Happy and Frugal

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by , 03-23-2012 at 11:10 AM (1141 Views)
In my quest for frugal new, I also have been concentrating on my personal accessories. This has inspired me to use my talents to buy beauty products for the outside as well as the inside. Most of my coupons have been used to buy groceries.

For the month of March, my discounts have not been deep. It seems like I find most of the deals toward the end of the month, rather than the beginning.

I started out buying vitamins. For the past several months, Kmart, Walgreen’s and CVS have been running sales on BOGO. I happen to have several coupons for 1.00 off Nature Made. On my trip to Walgreen’s (I always check the end cap where the bargains and discounts are) I found several two packs of vitamins. They were also BOGO free. The two packs were 7.00 and I was able to get 4 bottles for 7.00 minus my 1.00 off coupon. Each bottle cost about 1.45. Since I had another coupon, I brought additional vitamins, with enough to last me the rest of the year.

Whenever I go shopping I always use my AARP card which gives me additional savings.

Next I purchased Maybelline eye shadow which normally sales for 6.00. Walgreen’s was having a BO/get the second at 50%. My total was 9.00 for two eye shadows, plus I had two 1.00 coupons. I purchased each eye shadow for 3.50.My total was 7.00. Since I use my AARP with every purchase, I received a coupon for1.00 off of 24 pack of drinking water.

My next shopping trip at Walgreen’s, netted me 6 bottles of Sally Hansen Nail Polish. I had 3 coupons for 1.00 each. I ended up paying only 3.00 for all 6.

You shouldn’t sleep on Walgreen’s. It has become my go to store. While I was there I noticed that they had marked down Reynolds Foil Wrap to 1.09. I had two 75 cents off coupons and pick them up for 34 cents each. On that same trip, I purchased a Schick Hydro razor. The original price was 9.99 with register rewards of 4.00, making the total, 5.99. I had two 4.00 off coupons, which brought the price down to 1.99 plus, I had 8 dollars to spend on my next shopping trip. Most of the register rewards have a short time limit, so use them quickly. When I do purchase any item with register rewards, I will usually buy the item on a Friday or Saturday. Then I can use the reward for any new item in the sale ad which comes out on Sunday.

I decided to use my 8.00 the next week. Here is how it went. I purchased some Ambi Skin Care for 4.99. I had a 2.00 off coupon. While I was at Walgreen’s, they had an in house sale on Sally Hansen tools. I purchased two eye brow kits for 4.49 each. I had two 2.00 of coupons (the tools had to be over 4.00 in order for me to use them. The eye b brow kits original price was 7.97), which brought the kits down to 2.49. I brought two. My out of pocket expense was under 1.00. Using my AARP netted me coupons for Revlon, more Ambi products and another 1.00 off coupon for water.

To let you know that I do shop at other stores, I stopped at TJ Maxx. I was looking for Design, one of my favorites. They had it on the clearance rack for 12.00. The size bottle normally sales for 25.00. I was so happy. I had used up all my Xmas perfume and needed some more smell goods.
At Kmart, purchase some Vaseline lotion, on sale for 2.99. Used my 2 1.00 off coupons. Total = 1.99 for each item. No more dry skin.

Some of my discounts might not be as deep as in states like Chicago, New York, New Orleans, but for where I live in a small rural town, It is the best I can do Walgreen’s also had them on sale but the bottle was bigger and the price was more expensive. The big bottle was 6.49 with 50% off the second bottle. I would have paid almost 5.00 a bottle. Every Sunday, I go through the coupons and the ads. I will clip the coupon to that ad. I will also circle the items in the ad, so I will not forget what I need to purchase. Sometimes this is an all afternoon event, but I think it is worth it to save as much as possible. Sometime buying the little bottle pans out better than the big bottle.

Also at Walgreen’s( I know, I must live in Walgreen’s, but since it is only 5 minutes away from me, I can’t help it) I buy the Arizona Teas, 2 for a 1.00. I stock up making multiple purchases. I use them for my lunch at work. I buy enough for at least 2 months.

I have finally subscribed to the All You magazine which has coupons galore, plus tips and information from health fitness to food preparation. They also have online shopping codes for more savings. The newsstand price is 2.49(this magazine can only be found at Wal-Mart) and I was able to get for 1.25 an issue. Considering the amount of coupons and tips that the magazine has, I think it is a bargain.

I just started subscribing to Family Circle. The newsstand issue is 1.99, up to 2.99 in some stores. I found a coupon for a subscription for 67 cents per month. I was getting most of my magazines from the local library for 10 and 25 cents. Sometimes they do not have the latest issue. This makes it easier and I can also donate my used copies to the library. Win, win.

Finally was able to get a price for the All You Magazine. 30 for two years at 1.25 and issue. Since the magazine is full of coupons, I am not missing any money getting this deal. I also found a deal for Family Circle. 67 and issue. I use to get them at the local library, but that is if I get there on time for the latest issue. Now I can have them delivered to the house.

Isn’t nice to be frugal.

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