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It is about to pick up

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by , 06-07-2012 at 09:42 PM (1051 Views)
Things have not been going right. Started garage selling last month. I was able to pick up two racks, some jewelry, three purses, two pairs of shoes, books and some miscellaneous items, This while going late(after 11 am). Lately I have not had the chance to do a lot of thrift, garage hopping and couponing. Espically with the coupons. It seems like they are again going through some transformation. One week, I did not buy any papers. I seem to giving away more coupons than I am using. My expired coupons go the military families overseas. I wish the program was extended here to help some of the families here. I have called several places to see if the program will work for usa families. So far no return call. The coupons themselves seem to giving less. I feel I am not getting the full maxium value that I once was say about 6 months ago. I will keep trying. When I do get a chance to use the coupons, it is mainly for Health and Beauty products. I use very little for food(this is where I need the bigger savings). I have been buying makeup, hair products, body wash and nail care. My favorite store is Walgreens. I get more bang for my buck there. Plus, they always have something on sale and I recieve their pre sale ad in th email.

Since summer is here I need to come up with a new idea to increase my savings and spend less. This summer is the time to make things happen. I put all my trust in GOD.

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