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Night and Day

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by , 06-21-2012 at 06:07 PM (1267 Views)
I have always been a thrift shop/garage sale baby. Since moving to another state, the thrift shops in my area leave a little to the imagination. Now that I am visiting my family(I am staying with my son, who happens to live around the corner from a thrift shop, what joy, what rapture), the thrift shops here are like night and day. Where I live, I can get most of my jewelry, purses, shoes and jackets below $5.00. All the clothes are a set price not matter what the style and size. They don't have a lot of sale day and they just started half off of colored tags, but most of the time, I just look for accessories. One of the best things they have is crafting materials. I have cleaned up on craft supplies.

Now that I am on vaction in my home town, I see a whole new difference. The jewelry is more expensive and so are the purses. The clothes are out of sight. They are more in keeping in style for what is going on now. The shoes are something else. It looks like they have put through the ringer. I don't think I will be buying too many shoes. So far, I have pursed 7 skirts, 4 belts and on half price day. I only spent $13.00. I feel good. My son was able to get several shirts for his collection. What I like about the Chicago thrifts shop, is that they run specials, tag days, in house specials. They mark things down until it is sold. While at one shop, I say them rolling out 10 racks of clothes, shoes and other accessories.

What I cannot get in one, I can get in another. It almost makes it worth coming back at least once a month. I said almost. We shall see. I keep track of other shops along the way. Happy Thrifting

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