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It Finally Happened

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by , 06-30-2012 at 10:19 PM (1467 Views)
I am back in my hometown, visiting my family. Naturally, I had to visit some of my old haunts(code word for thrift shop). What joy it was to see there was one right around the corner from my son's apartment. Another joy I experinced was my children have visited thrift shops and have become somewhat frugal. These are the same children who would step foot into a thrift shop. My daughter recently found a table on the street. I wa shocked and the fact that she told of her find on her facebook page. I almost fell out of my seat.

My son went to the thrift shop by his house and purchased several shirts. I had to smile. My son now shops at the dollar store for most of his needs. My heart almost stopped.

All my teaching about the how to save money, living a frugal life, my son and daughter have finally seen the light. I can't say their whole life is lived frugally, but a good portion of it is. I am so proud. They have taken what life has given them and used to their own advatange. My son and daughter have taken to be frugal, and creative, turn trash into treasure. My daughter uses coupons , watchs sale ads, my son plans his meals, saves his money and scouts the best deals. What more could a mother ask for.

A little word of advice to all mothers(you all probably aready know). Keep preaching, talking to your children. They are listening.

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