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Are they crazy

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by , 08-01-2012 at 10:05 PM (1306 Views)
For the last couple of months I had to readjust my goals to save and spend less. I am a couponer and the coupons have gone crazy. The face value has gone down and the amount to buy with the coupon has gone up. Plus food prices have gone up again and I don't see an end in sight. My favorite magazine All You use to display very good coupons. I just got a subscription for two years and now they are shadow of thier former self. I use to get three papers a week, now the price has gone up and sometimes they don't have all the coupons inserts anymore. I have a lot of readjustments to make. I guess I am just venting. Frustration has taken over.

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  1. Imarachne's Avatar
    I think we will have to re-do our frugal ideas because the economy is not cooperating with our budgets !!
  2. oheoh's momma's Avatar
    I agree it is a lot harder having to change what worked for me in the past...I paid 1.50 fro sahmpoo that I used to get for free..different thinking free stuff is going to be harder to get