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Back to school

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by , 08-18-2012 at 08:56 PM (1707 Views)
I started back to school(work for me) this past week. I am now on the roller coaster ride of savings and more savings. Here is my break down.

Walgreens will usually have their Arizona Teas on sale 2 for a $1.oo. I will usually buy enough for the whole month. This keeps me from buying pop. Walgreens also has the cheapest water on sale. My tap water taste terrible. Thiis week, 24 bottles for $2.00. Since they were out, I got a rain check for 3. We have stopped using regular soap, and started using body wash. Again Walgreens had on Soft Soap. Buy one, get one free. The price is $4.49 for two. Plus I had a coupon. Walgreens will send me a preview of their sales two days in advance. They will have Tone on sale, buy one, get one free. Will be stocking up. Not only is the body wash good for my skin, but I do not have the soap build up in my tub/shower. I had a $10.00 card from Khols. I picked up some jewelry, plus a 15% discount on my total order. Since I picked all the jewelry from the clearance rack all I had to pay was $6.00 out of pocket. 5 pairs of earring, 1 bracelet and a three strand necklace(which I plan to take apart and make something eles. To see the transformation, check out my blog, Jets Jewelry
Even though I make jewelry, sometimes I need a little inspiration. Well thats it for now. Will continue to keep updating as the months hopefully fly by.

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