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My Coupon Book

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by , 10-22-2012 at 09:56 PM (1799 Views)
I have recently made some changes to how I coupon and redesigning my coupon folder. I still send out to coupons to family and friends, but I don't always cut out very coupon any more. I only send out the expired coupons every three months, instead of once a month. Since the company's have changed the game, I need to change as well.
With the price of food up by as much as 15% and the face value of the coupon going down, I am having second thoughts. With all my other projects, I was spending at least 15 hours per week couponing. For me, that is too much time. I work a full time job, blogging, making jewelry and greeting cards for sale. I needed to cut back. Here is how I plan to make the most of what I have.

Now I only cut the coupons that have an expiration date until the end of the month. The remaining coupons, the page is torn out and put into a folder. I will only cut if needed. I am not fortunate enough to have a store with a loyality card or double coupons. So I have to work the best way I can. Take a look at coupon album

You will see some of my organization of my coupons, which is very simple. I was lucky enough to find baseball plastic sheets at the dollar store. So far, so good I put the non-food coupons in the front and the food items in the back. I separate the coupons by month and to denote this I use colored clamps for each month. I will usually have at least 6 months of coupons at one time. When I am through with one month, I just move the click to the end for the next month. I signed up to recieve emails from the stores about up coming sales, I match the coupons with the sales. Once the paper sales ad has come, I attach the coupon to the store's ad. On Sunday, I do the same thing. Since most of the stores price match, I just go to two area stores, which saves on a lot of gas and time. I also do not buy as many papers as I use too. Until things change, I am will be changing my routine.

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  1. hollyhill's Avatar
    Wow, I am impressed that you were able to spend so much time couponing. I did a lot when I was a stay at home mom but since I have been working, it is all I can do to cook, clean and keep up with kid activities.. as a result I feel guilty that I am not maximizing my savings using coupons..
  2. Jets Jewelry's Avatar
    I too don't have a lot of time. I am up late and up early, just to get all the work done. And it never ends. Sometimes, I give myself time frame to finish a particular project. Say I will work on sometime until 9:00, then start something else. I wish I could stay at home. Don't feel guilty. You are maximizing in other ways. It pays off.