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Creative juices.

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by , 07-07-2013 at 05:00 PM (2514 Views)
I have always been creative when it comes to restyling my thrift shop finds. Something in me is compelled to change the item once it is in my possession. From clothes, accessories and furniture. I must put my stamp on it. Lately I have been redesigning some of my old pieces as well as my newly purchases items. My one missing weapon is a sewing machine. Once I purchase that, I will be unstoppable. This will broaden my designing skills even further. Here is my master plan to extend my wardrobe even further.

1. I purchase a lot of my embellishments from garage sales, thrift shops and craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann and Hancock Fabrics. If I can't find the items on clearance, I print out the weekly coupon(I sign up for their emails, text alerts) so I can get the best deal possible. I found irons on Hobby Lobby for as little as 17 cents.

2. I will purchase purses for some of the hardware, material and handles. I will cut up the purse and use my stencils to draw a design on to the material then attach it to another purse or accessory. I will only cut up a purse that I cannot use or give to someone else. Some of the hardware, I use when making my jewelry line - *****************J E T ' S JEWELRY.

3. Last but not least, whatever I don't donate; I will cut up for buttons, trim, stones and whatever I can use. I have taken old jean skirts and pants and made scarves and patches(you can buy fusible web to make your own patches).

Anything and everything goes when being stylish, the frugal way. Go forth and create my fellow artist.

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  1. peanut's Avatar
    (can't find the thumbs up smilie. ) Way to go! Love it when I can recycle/upcycle stuff. Right now I have some red velvet drapes I've torn apart for rug hooking. Looks luscious and much better than throwing them out.