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Trying something new

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by , 08-07-2014 at 09:30 PM (5033 Views)
I use to buy at least 4 Sunday papers to get the value of couponing. I would download coupons, carefully watch every sales, keep up with points, take surveys in order to save a buck. Though I am still very frugal, I have cut back on a lot things that I use to do. I do not buy the papers anymore. I more careful in what I do buy. Now I just buy the inserts, which saves me 10.00 per week. I print out more coupons since I am able to get my ink at a discount. I would prefer to buy individual coupons if needed. I have opened myself to selling more on sites, like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay. I have checked into other sites where I can sell, trade or get for free the things that I need. I am not adverse to dumpster diving. My husband have downsized to a smaller place and we just don't have the room anymore. I refused to live in a warehouse atmosphere. What I am most proud of is that I have come out of a store with nothing. Feels good.

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