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Life: The Good Parts

I want this blog to focus on the good parts of my life. I will be talking about the things that make me happy. I will be talking about things that make me fulfilled. I will talk about what has worked for me.

I will write about things that are important to me. I will write about my values. It is my hope I can do this without people thinking preachy or self-righteous.

And yes there will be stuff about being frugal. The best things in life are free. And the second best you can usually get at deep discount if look hard enough.

  1. I give thanks for warm things.

    by , 01-27-2014 at 10:21 AM (Life: The Good Parts)
    Today I give thanks for warm things.

    It is easy to complain about the cold, especially with temperatures so much colder than normal. The challenge is to focus on the positive, which is being happy for the warm things in my life.

    I am not one to deny bad things in my life. I am not going to say the cold is not that bad. It is cold enough to make me swear. But I am thankful for warm things to help me get through it.

    I give thanks that I have warm ...
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  2. The Challange

    by , 01-24-2014 at 02:42 PM (Life: The Good Parts)
    Many people here struggle with financial problems. There are some posts where people talk about their woes. But there are many more posts about people making the best life for themselves they can with a limited budget.

    Everywhere you look people are struggling with issues financial issues, medical issues, mental health issues, relationship issues.

    The challenge I make to myself the challenge I make to every one of you is to live the best life you can despite ...