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Using the breadmaker

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by , 02-16-2011 at 01:51 AM (541 Views)
My hubby spent some tax money on me and got me a bread machine. I just started a loaf of white bread. The machine is on the baking cycle and it smells awesome. I used bread flour like the recipe said but I read some ones comment saying that they used all-purpose flout and had not problem. If that's true it would help me out because I can only find all-purpose in the bulk sizes. I'm not too comfortable with shopping in the internet so I stick with what I can find in the stores. The only bulk foods place around here was an hour drive and it closed January 17th. Makes me sad. I might start looking for good internet sources but that really hurts the cash only plan. Oh well contemplation, contemplation.

I think I just rambled a little too much

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