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Wish Lists March 2011

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by , 03-28-2011 at 11:28 PM (1074 Views)
I was thinking about all the things that I want for my house and stuff and I got an idea. If I put my wants into a list of top 5, whenever I have extra spending money I can focus on what I really want. Like instead of a Starbucks coffee I can get that quesadilla(sp) maker that I really want. This was a good idea until I realized I wanted too much so I decided to divide everything into specific categories. So here are my major wants. In several categories.

Kitchen: (had to be divided into sub-categories)
Large Appliances:
1)Stove-the one we have is over 12 years old, the oven runs uneven (the back is burnt while the front is undercooked), and the coils are not flat all of them tilt to one side. I want a freestanding, electric range with a timer.
2)French Door Refrigerator-energy efficient and spacious but we probably won't get this until we have an actual house.
3)Dishwasher- I HATE HAND WASHING DISHES. Takes way to much time, can't get DH to do it, some of my appliance parts are "Dishwasher Safe" AKA PITA to hand wash. I don't like spending so much time in front of the sink, especially since I can't fit a ton of dishes on my dish drainer. (end rant)
4) Reverse Osmosis Central Water Filter-to make sure the well water is safe to drink, which would ultimately mean free water.
5) New Hood for my stove-one with a working fan and maybe a microwave attached one.

Small Appliances: (there's a lot of these I want just remember top 5)
1) Quesadilla maker-Both DH and I want on of these. It would be good for a simple snack or even a throw together dinner.
2)Deep Fryer- I want to be able to make fried potato chips, doughnut holes, and the type of fried chicken my DH likes
3)Vacuum Sealer-for food saving/stockpiling and stuff
4)Rice Cooker-I have one but for some odd reason it does not cook the rice, the cook button does not stay in the on position I really want the George Foreman one so I can set the temperature and time.
5)Kitchen aid stand mixer-I have one that detaches to be used as a hand mixer and it doesn't work well as a stand mixer so I find myself using it as a hand mixer most of the time. Also the one I have was a display model and the motor runs hot and smells if I use it on high.

Nifty items: (Non-electrical items I would use almost every day)
1) Collapsible Over-the-sink Colander - space saving and germ avoiding
2)Vegetable Slicer - I saw one at wal-mart that does the potato chip slice and the french fry slice
3) Vegetable/ Fruit mill - For homemade applesauce
4) Slap Chop - my dad has one and we would use it to chop onions for hot dogs (I may find something that combines 2 & 4)
5) Tortilla Press - for those homemade tortillas that I want to try

1) Knife Set - for all my knife needs
2) Potato Masher - what can I say I love mashed potatoes
3)Vegetable Peeler - one that has a catcher for the peels would be nice
4) Nutcracker - to use on my husband JK to be able to shell the pecans that grow on the tree in my back yard
5) Apple core cutter - just the little things that make life easier

1) Wok - I like stirfry
2) Stockpot - I want to try my hand at home made stock
3) Dutch oven - my dad had one and it is very useful we used it almost everyday
4) Casserole Dishes - I have one I use non stop, it never stays clean. I would like the ones with lids, I would also like the ones that can to from oven to freezer.
5) Pizza pans - when I was growing up we would have homemade pizza every Friday night and I want those memories for my children.

Hardware: (for the kitchen)
1) Movable shelving - to start my stockpile with, and to provide more pantry room.
2) Hooks - I want them everywhere in the kitchen, but specifically i want the at the base of the cabinets so that I can hang my oven mitts and spoons and spatulas and stuff.
3) Child safety equipment - DD is already crawling and I don't really let her roam in the kitchen but it would just be nice to have just in case.
(that's all the hardware I want right now I'll probably think of some more later that's also all for the kitchen now moving on to another category)

Laundry room:
1)Dryer - yes hanging clothes out on the line is cheaper but it has been raining for nearly a week now and the rack can't hold a lot so a dryer would be nice for a time like this.
2) 5 gallon bucket - to make my own laundry detergent in.
3) Hampers - for both bedrooms and the bathroom, to keep the clothes piles under control.
4)Iron - for ironing
5) Iron board - see above

1) New tub - the one we have has a whole covered in duct tape, I just want a new one.
2) Shower curtain - I want to rip down the doors, which are a major water trap and put a shower curtain up.
3) New sink area - the one we have is ugly and not placed well at all.
4) Shelving - for towels and wash cloths and stuff
5) new door - our dog accidentally shut himself in the bathroom while we were gone and he tried to dig himself out.

1) New Mattress - we have back pain galore
2) New wardrobe - haven't recovered from pregnancy yet, it would be nice to have at least one pair of blue jeans that fit
3) Sliding closet doors - the ones we have are rusted and they stick way too much
4) Shelving in the closet - so I won't need the dresser that takes up a lot of space
5) bigger bed - just want more space to stretch out when I sleep

1) Knitting needles - I have sizes 10 1/2, 8 and 6
2) Cloth and Patterns - To help me increase my sewing ability
3) Yarn - for knitting and crocheting
4) Sewing cabinet - to keep are my craft stuff in, one with space for a serger would be nice
5) Serger - for hems

Outside: (more sub-categories)
1) Area to garden - too many trees = not enough light, we're already planning to remove some of the trees.
2) Edible plants - I haven't started the garden yet but I'm getting there
3) tomato cages
4) Trellis - for vines
5) Greenhouse

1) Solar Panels
2) Barn
3) Chicken coop
4) Rain catching system
5) Electric fence

For DD:
1) Outdoor swing - for her to swing on
2) Baby Einstein videos - to educate her
3) Your baby can read - I might actually be legit
4) Clothes
5) Back pack carrier

For DH
1) A truck
2) Tredsafe shoes
3) weight lifting bench
4) Your Shape Evolved(video Game) - We both want this
5) Stuff I'm not going to mention on here

For me:
1)Family nights out - once a month would be nice but I really want these once a week
2)Date Nights - same as above
3) Zumba Fitness - for the kinect
4) Biggest loser ultimate workout - for the kinect
5) Incense sticks - I just like these

I know I'm very wantful but I know I don't have to deprive myself. I can prioritize my wants so like I said I can actual get some of them instead of that Starbucks coffee. DH and I are not going to budget for these things these are for blow money only. I'm pretty sure this list will change regularly because my priorities have been changing ever since I started trying to be frugal and I think it would be nice to see myself evolve into a more frugal/less needy person.

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  1. madhen's Avatar
    Great list!! It doesn't matter how many things you put on there - it is a WISH list, after all!!

    One thing about the RO filter, though. Consider the replacement costs of the filters. They aren't cheap, and if your water is REALLY bad, you'll have to replace them often.
  2. Judi Dial's Avatar
    You may not need all this special equipment? We make quesadillas & stirfry in our large frypan. Got rid of the wok years ago, the only thing I kept from the kit we were given one year for Christmas was the fry basket tool. I use them to drain pasta and other fried goods, like it better than a slotted spoon for many things.

    Re a pizza pan? I have 2. I never bought cookie sheets, never saw the point. We use ours for pizza,roasting peppers, AND making cookies. It's just a big cookie sheet after all!

    The wok took I kept looks like this:
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/8-diameter-Bamboo-Skimmer-Strainer/dp/tech-data/B00012F3UO"]Amazon.com: 8" diameter Bamboo Skimmer/Strainer: Kitchen & [email protected]@[email protected]@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/[email protected]@[email protected]@41hZh9VdOYL[/ame]

    Nice list!