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Change of plans

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by , 08-07-2013 at 10:19 PM (694 Views)
My visiting host son had made out with friends to take him to airport today. The airport is an 240 mile round trip from our town. I was kind of happy about this, to save some money on gas. Well, they backed out on him, (they probably realized how much it would cost them as well and maybe he didn't offer to pay). So DH and I took him as soon as I got off work. We also bought him some food to eat when we got near the airport as he has a 7 hour trip ahead of him. As I gave him a hug goodbye he did ask, "how much do I owe you for gas?" and I said "nothing". I treat these kids like my own, so I can only blame myself for the extra expenses today. I was hoping for a no spend day.
Yesterday DH car rear brake pads and rotors replaced. Cost: $246.87. I noticed this was with a $15.55 local business discount. Another unplanned bill DH said it was a safety issue and needed to be done. This would not be a do it yourself job for DH or I. Needed to take it from emergency fund. I get paid tomorrow so hopefully I can replace it soon.
It was good to be back to work today. I have a very rewarding job working in long term care and rehabilitation facility. It's personally rewarding to help others feel better and try to bring a little more joy into their lives.

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