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Frugal outing

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by , 08-05-2013 at 07:33 PM (698 Views)
DS and host son were looking for something to do this afternoon. In the past I would have suggested something that would cost money such as a movie or bowling. Today I asked if they would like to go on free walk in the woods with our dog. We packed up and since I didn't know exactly where to go for walking trails we started down a road outside of town that is in a county forest. I had son log into GPS and look for the closest park. We had an adventurous drive down one lane fire lanes that went on for miles in the middle of this forest. I got teased the whole drive, they came up with lots of horror stories of where we might end up, like the "Cabin in the Woods" movie. We laughed a lot, I stayed positive that this trail would bring us to a beautiful place to walk. When we arrived we laughed even more because it was a park we have been to before and there is a much easier way to get there. We found new trails that followed a river, climbed rocks, and rested on rocks watching the river flow over rocks and small waterfalls. Weather was cool and breezy so very few mosquitos.
Afterwards we came straight home, I avoided stopping at McD's for ice cream which we drive by to get home. So no money spent except the gasoline.
Spending time with family- priceless!

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