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staycation day

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by , 09-06-2013 at 11:23 AM (1697 Views)
When DH gets home from work at 11 am we are heading on another road trip in the next county. We will be using our GPS to explore new parks, lakes, hiking trails with our Norwegian visitor. It will be a day trip.
DH set up double payments for the next loan repayment we will be working on. We should not miss the money in the budget because it is a snowball amount from the loan we just paid off.
Hoping DD and DS deliver their payments soon as the first week of the month is always tight with so many payments due.
Got called into work early yesterday so extra pay for me, overtime too. I found out it doesn't matter if I'm sleeping or awake, the night sweats will find me. I got called in at 2 a.m. and the night sweats followed me to work. I may have to start bringing an extra uniform top to change into mid shift.
My new vacation hours thru Aug 2014 are 202 or 25 days. All that overtime last fall paid off as vacation accumulates according to actual hours worked. Happy with this. Now to use them frugally throughout the year and save some in case I need to take medical leave.

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