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My Journey on the Frugal Side of life


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by , 09-25-2013 at 09:57 PM (2306 Views)
Debt repayment continues to be our goal. I found this site 7 months ago and it has continued to be a source of inspiration, motivation and education to spend more frugally, to save and to snowball debt payments.
Financially I found out today I received a 58 cent per hour raise. I'm happy with this as our census has been low and I thought no raises would be given. I'm planning to put 25 cents per hour worked towards debt repayment, this would be an extra $40 a month. Able to work some extra hours past few weeks.
My 23 y/o daughter called today, stressed out about her financial situation. Her roommate moved out and her apartment lease doesn't end until December. She cancelled cable and internet. We discussed options for decreased spending and increased income. Encouraged her to look out side the box regarding new job opportunities. I was happy she listened and seemed to feel better by the end of our talk. I offered her meat from our freezer and food from the pantry to help with her grocery bill. She knows our home is always open to her if she needs to move in to get back on her feet. She has no credit card debt but does have school loans which dh and I are helping her repay.
26 y/o son lives at home and earns just enough to pay his bills including student loans. He has no credit card debt.
3 of my coworkers and myself started a 10 week weight loss challenge. I've been bringing healthier food from home to eat at lunch. I've lost 7.2# in past 2 weeks, so far I'm the biggest loser. The biggest changes I have made to my diet are eliminating bread and smaller portions. (saving money on bread but spending alittle more on fruit). I have so much more energy throughout the day. Greek yogurt is my new breakfast, it gives me the protein and calcium my body needs. Found it on sale today for 50 cents for the individual packs.
Frugally- More blankets added to the beds instead of turning on the furnace during the chilly nights.
Picked lots of apples from our small apple tree. Froze some, snacking on them, and the wormy ones will go to my dad's to feed the deer. Staying home more than I used to. Husband continues to bring home good deals from the grocery store he works part time in. Using up freezer stock and left overs to prevent waste. Trying my luck at online sweepstakes entries, so far no luck at all. Doing more reading of books I have on hand, watching education videos online and less renting from redbox etc.
Thanking God for all his blessings and may God bless you also.

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