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My Journey on the Frugal Side of life

Seeking Frugal Rejuvenation

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by , 11-14-2013 at 06:19 PM (3418 Views)
I'm missing that spark of excitement I had when I first discovered how much money I could save by frugal living. I thought I'd journal what positive changes we have made and what areas could be improved on.
I'm happy with how much debt we have paid off and that we have an Emergency Fund started.
Our utility bills have all decreased.
My home cooking skills have improved.
Our home is more organized, I know where most items are located.
Very little clutter left in the house. Unbelievable how much stuff I gave away that I have not missed.
I'm aware of best prices for groceries which makes grocery shopping a little more fun when getting deals.
We are aware of where are money goes each month and we think about purchases more carefully.
These are the areas I can improve on:
1) Learn more about our investments, loans, insurances.
2) Make home improvements that will increase the resale value and decrease utility bills without increasing our debt.
3)Find a frugal hobby that will keep me entertained when staying home to save money.
4) Start gardening.
5) Healthier living.
6) Using coupons.
7) Motivate myself to clean the house
8) Setting daily goals and getting them done instead of procrastinating.
9) Need to start a vacation fund. (A reward for our hard work)

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  1. Jets Jewelry's Avatar
    All great ideas.