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check in

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by , 03-01-2014 at 12:42 PM (5238 Views)
Quickly checking in to catch up on reading threads and posts. Also an update on debt repayment.
My dh changed our plans on how to spend our tax rebate. We were going to make an extra payment towards our home equity loan. Instead....He has been wanting to trade in his 2 door pontiac G6. It had 113,000 miles on it and was not practical for traveling with our day care clients. The back seat was useless. Most of us couldn't get in and out of it. After much discussion I agreed he could trade it in, if ... it didn't put us further in debt. He got quotes from several dealers on trade in value. He found a place that quoted him a price $1000 more than the others. He than looked for a good value on a used car. He found a 4 door Malibu with 83,000 miles on it. The initial cost quoted to him would have put us in further debt. He told them, "If you don't get the price down further my wife won't agree to it". The place was having a special week and were in some sort of challenge to sell cars. They brought the cost down $1000. Using our tax refund he was able to pay cash for the difference. The Pontiac needed new tires this one has like new tires. The insurance rate is lower for the Malibu. The pontiac was due for oil change, this one had recent oil change. Gas mileage better on Malibu. Pontiac was making strange sounds at times , who knows what was going on. This Malibu has been driving quietly. We took it to our local auto mechanic who looked it over and said he thought it was a very good trade.
He is happy with the car and I am happy that he didn't accrue another loan.
Now onto snowballing payments for our home equity loan.
Now for some Pre-Spring cleaning and organizing. My plan is to check in weekly.

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