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by , 03-20-2014 at 10:37 PM (6477 Views)
Maui inspired me
Deep clean bathroom
Shampoo the bichon
watch required online education course
remove rotten pumpkin from yard
make appointment for cholesterol check
EXTRAS: for the week. one a day if I work , more if I have off.
Sweep the garage
purge my clothes for donation
Respite clients bed linen changed
mudroom cleaned/winter wear stored away
kitchen laminate cleaned
open up/clean sun room
vacuum out van
deep clean inside of refridg and oven

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Love it! No matter how much you get done, you win!
  2. KimB's Avatar
    with the help of DH and DS - tasks for today done, along with laminate flooring cleaned and vacuuming of main floor by DH, and all but three of the extras left. I may get to them after a nap!
    Your'e right Maui feel like a winner!
  3. KimB's Avatar
    After work went grocery shopping, did well stocking up on sale items. Saved 36 cents per gallon on 15 gallons gas and receipt said I saved 46% on groceries. I'll take that. Got home put groceries away, then off to Mass with not a minute to spare. Now I'm drying linen for the respite clients beds while watching the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. I bought some fat free frozen yogurt and it was a nice treat tonight.
  4. KimB's Avatar
    10 hour work day, very stressful and busy weekend. pounding headache for several hours. 2 hour rest when got home. Will finish this list tomorrow as it is my day off.
  5. KimB's Avatar
    another task off the list. Too cold to open the sunroom. I hope it warms up today , just need to sweep out the garage and vacuum the van yet from this list, yea!