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My loooong road to FREEDOM!

And we meet again....

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by , 05-28-2013 at 11:00 PM (3817 Views)

Another year has come and gone and I am still in debt. As I sit here making my budget I am trying to figure out how we are struggling to live on $4000 a month when 5 years ago we lived on $1600 just fine. AHH I can't figure it out. I am going to start by looking at our food budget. I would guess that we are spending upwards of $1000 on food a month. Mostly to buy groceries and put them in the trash when they go bad because I didn't cook. I will say I have gotten much better at making DH & DD their lunches. DH even takes coffee to work instead of buying it out. Now I just need to be stricter about eating dinner at home, making a meal plan, and sticking to it.

Tonight I made sloppy Joes with tatter tots. The sloppy Joes were delish and from scratch. I made a trip to Trader Joes and purchased $39.00 in groceries and I am hoping that I will only spend another $20 on milk for the month of June, using up all of the food in my house.

Now to try and figure out a budget that works!! I will check in each Friday to hold myself accountable.

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  1. Giro's Avatar
    I wish you good luck.

    We spend about $1000 on food as well. Groceries have gotten significantly more expensive over the past five years. I would start with really small changes and implement those. Taking coffee to work is a GREAT start.

    What helps me is the health factor. It is so much better for you to cook at home. What I do is start with a menu for the week and make sure all of the ingredients are on hand.
  2. peanut's Avatar
    Hi. I too, wish you good luck.

    We started the year out spending $800-900/mth CAD on groceries for 3 adults. Our boarder went back to her country of origin to visit family for 3 months, and I decided to haul in the grocery budget. We are down to $300/mth. for 2 adults. And we eat organic fruits and veggies, hormone and antibiotic free meat. I decided when the boarder comes back she'll be in for a few surprises. We won't be treating her quite as much.