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The Long Road, But Worth Every Step

Spending a Little to Save A LOT!

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by , 09-23-2008 at 02:39 PM (1045 Views)
Before I begin, I wanted to thank those who took the time to stop by my blog(s) and wanted to let you know I appreciate the feedback.

Sitting at my desk Sunday night reading the new posts and peeking at random spots in the Village is how I noticed the 'Get Coupons' link. I don't know if it's new, or I just never noticed it before.

Being curious, I checked it out. There aren't many coupons for the the things I buy. My usual cart fillers are store brand or other off-name brands. Our local grocery store doesn't accept computer printed coupons and I pretty much don't need coupons for diapers -- give it a few more years and those Geritol and Depends coupons will look rather attractive.

I am sure there is a coupon out there for everyone. Some of the ones being offered were great deals... just not for me.

*Queue Angelic Harps*

There, with only 15 minutes left before closing was a bundle of 20 $2.25 off coupons for Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs!!! With my dishwasher back from it's 3 year coma, I had to buy them. My winning bid was $1.76 with a .99 shipping cost.

Okay, I didn't have to buy them, no one was standing there holding a brussel sprout to my head... have you ever seen a brussel sprout??? Those things are SCARY!

The expiration date is October 5 but as soon as I get them in my hands, I am racing to the grocery store before they change the sale price on them. Won't the "lovely" cashier who huffs when I buy an item with a coupon attached to it be ever so happy when I put 20 boxes of detergent on her belt!!!

The breakdown...

20 boxes Electrasol w/tax & ebay costs -- $86.54 (reg) -or- $65.54 (sale)
20 $2.25 off coupons -- $45
Costs per box $2.07 (reg) $1.02 (sale)

I really, really hope it's still on sale when the coupons arrive in '2-3 business days' but even if they aren't, it won't be nearly as bad as paying full price.

For now, I am done with buying coupons. The detergent will be added to our stockpile and with only doing a load every other day, we will be set for quite a while.

Now... back to climbing higher!

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