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The Long Road, But Worth Every Step

On Target With My Stockpile...

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by , 10-03-2008 at 11:17 PM (4710 Views)
I apologize in advance... today's post lacks the energy I usually try to display in my writing.

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the right time can be a wonderful thing.

I added to my stockpile today -- I'm excited... is that sad or what??

I had library class today and after, I stayed to tidy up a bit. I usually leave through the hall door but I went through the office. People were talking about Target -- "Kmart with a better paint job" is how they described it actually.

I said hello and nodded as I was heading out the door. She handed me a battered gift card and told me I can have it because she was "never setting foot in there again".

Who am I to say no to free money!

There was just over $13 left on the card. Not exactly chump change but far less than what the average shopping trip.

2 64 oz. antibacterial soap refill bottles $3.49 each
4 Dove soap bars -- .25 each
1 pair reader glasses with case -- $1.00
4 Old El Paso taco seasoning 3pks. -- .74 each

I ended up with .80 on the card... and handed it to the woman standing behind me who was trying to figure out what she could take out so she could buy her son a box of animal crackers...
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Standing Still


  1. MisaLady's Avatar
    That was nice that not only did you get free money, but you were able to help somebody else out, as well!
  2. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    That was so nice of you! Of course you don't need me to tell you that because you already knew, but it's still nice to hear that people still do nice things for strangers.

    I always read your blog. My old man has gone back to school too. He still works during the day and has night classes, but he may be changing jobs. So I watch you blog in case you have some words of wisdom I may follow.

    You did great on your stockpile add ons. What a bonus! Congrats.