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ethan allen - my "pretty woman" afternoon

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by , 01-02-2011 at 06:40 AM (2033 Views)
my "pretty woman" event last week

the other day i went into ethan allen to buy a table for the side of my bed (planned for - no debt - only cash). i had been patient enough looking for a used table and nothing was happening. i knew what table i wanted because i had a catalog.

i was dressed in jeans, worn out flannel shirt and ancient birkenstock boston clogs and socks. christmas eve. i looked like a slob, no lipstick, and needed a haircut.

the lady was nice and helpful. she was the only one in the store besides the office manager, and the door greeter, and she was harried. i am slow to make decisions and i told her to help the other people and come back to me.

(i DIDN'T tell her i know the ethan allen and other catalogs memorized in my head and knew all the inventory. i do this so i can recognize pieces while thrift store shopping)

i made my decision, calculated the price plus tax in my head. she was busy so i left to go to the bank to get the money. the bank put the money in one of those bank envelopes.

came back. store was empty. "oh, you came back!" i went to double check that i was certain about that table. she hovered and i said i will buy this table. she seemed surprised and flustered.

she wrote up the ticket, changed from nice to condescending, and make pointed remarks about you are sure you want THIS table... i said yes and asked for the total.

i handed her $1200 in the cash envelope. she didn't know what to do with it so we walked back to the ofice manager. she explained that no one ever paid cash, they always opened an account. in a loud whisper she whispered to the office manager, "psst, better count it!"

I said, "I heard that..." in a flat but joking tone. i didn't let it bother me.

the office manager was nonplussed. she went into the safe and made change. she had manners and had seen cash paying customers before.

while she was getting the change, the sales lady and i were doing light chit chat and i explained that i had the pencil post bed, black lancaster windsor chair, and now the matching tiny dining room table from this store, to go into my bedroom, but had gotten the rest of the pieces from good will, salvation army, junk/antique stores, side of the road finds, and pieces given to me.

i told her that the room looked like an english country manor, with all pieces looking like they had been acquired through time, and not all at once.

anyway, as i left i heard her whispering loudly "did you hear her say she went to the GOODWILL?"

I grinned to myself and left. victory.

this lady was used to waiting on people from river oaks and memorial. and not frugal villagers.

lesson learned: some sales people discriminate based on how you are dressed.

this lady was very river oaks/ memorial.

this lady did not know how to deal with a cash payer. (only low class people pay with cash? )

this lady had no manners "better count it" . wasn't that obvious?

i realize that i was "chump change" to her, buying only one piece, and that she was used to people buying whole rooms or sets , but I would bet money i was her only sale that day.

i could let it bother me but i didn't.

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