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verditer green bedroom

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by , 10-26-2014 at 11:57 AM (7298 Views)

my bedroom has gone though incarnations. it used to be coral dark pink, then emerald green, then navy blue. now it is verditer green like the "new room" at mount vernon, recently carefully researched and restored.Name:  sml_mtvnewroom_13.jpg
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it is the green-blue of a tiffany box.

the color is sherwin williams refresh

my picture is showing sky blue but it is green-blue. i am delighted with the shimmery gorgeousness of this paint.

here is an improved picture. blogs/ladykemma2/attachments/34514-verditer-green-bedroom-sherwin-refresh-verditer.jpg

the furniture you see was obtained from charity shops. the ethan allen quincy bed, alas, i paid full price. my pride and joy is the eldred wheeler tiger maple chippendale chest of drawers, salvation army 200 bucks.

bed blogs/ladykemma2/attachments/34522-verditer-green-bedroom-quincy-bed-refresh-sherwin.jpg

other corner blogs/ladykemma2/attachments/34530-verditer-green-bedroom-sherwin-refresh-ethan-allen-chair.jpg
Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails blogs/ladykemma2/attachments/34506-verditer-green-bedroom-better-taller.jpg  

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  1. bee9984's Avatar
    Your Bedroom is Beautiful!