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Laurie in Bradenton

Company Christmas Parties

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by , 10-08-2008 at 08:03 AM (2381 Views)
When I was a little girl in the early 60's my father was a 30 year company man. Which ment he worked for a large company, General Electric. He started there from the navy and planned to be there til he retired in 30 years. "The Company" or "Mother Generous" as my parents refererd to it, had brought us from Milwaukee to Largo Florida. In fact when GE opened its plant in Pinellas County it brought many workers from several of its northern plants.
Having been northerners the hardest times for these families, many with young child like myself was the hoilday times. Not because of money but lonliness. Holidays make us all think of family and family times.
So in order to help these young families over this time the company threw a seriers of parites.
Of these I remember the Annual Christmas Party. Always held on a Saturday Morning in a large public hall like one of The Bayfront Centers Auditoriums. The hall would be decorated with a huge tree a sled and a throne for Santa.
We would arrive dressed in new jumpers made by mom with our clean patten leather maryjanes. Hair washed and brushed for the annual picture.
In the entry hall would be a table set up also decorated for the season at this table were the registarion elves.
You checked in got your name tag and goodie bag and number. This number was all important as it was your place in line for your visit with Santa.
As the plant was a large place there were many children. Several of whom not only lived in my neighborhood but also attended my elementary school.
We gathered together in the flip down seats, our mothers visiting. Once all were in the lights dimmed and the cartoons began. Several reels of cartoons were shown. Then the lights came up and the sing-a-long began. Up on the screen which magically came down from the ceiling the words to popular hoilday tunes scrolled. You followed the bouncing ball on the screen and sang along.
Then the big moment arrived and Santa appeared on the corner of the stage. The strolled across the stage with alot of waving and hohoing. He would take his place on the throne and the number calling would begin. A line formed at the side stairs and each child was placed on his lap for a brief visit and a photo. Then off you poped and headed for a table in the back of the room with your age group on it. This table held a gaily wrapped present age and sex approriate. You mom took you by the hand and headed for the exit and her table. Here the company handed out vouchers (gift certificates) to the local grocery chain Publix.
I don't remember when the company stopped these parties but it was sometime in the late 70's. I was too old to go anymore.
I think back now about those things that Mother Generous did to help her families adjust. Another good thing gone.

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  1. dschipman's Avatar
    AMEN, to that. You have these huge companies now a days that don't care about the "family" environment of their company.