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Grandma Julia

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by , 10-08-2008 at 04:46 PM (2058 Views)
I've been slicing up about 3 dozen lemons a friend gave me and my mind has been wandering all over the place. But it keeps coming back to Grandma Julia my fathers mother.
She is gone over 10 years now and I feel the loss more and more as I age. I missed out on knowing her well and have really only gotten to know her throught others and the things she left behind.
As the family historian I have collected data on all my family members and have activily look for more. On Juila I keep finding out new and intresting things.
The Julia I knew was a large boned women with a top of curly white hair. She had a round face with many levels to her face. Her cheeks were rounded and her chin full. For a farm woman she always wore powder and rouge on her face. Her curls were natural and flouncy not tight.
When I close my eyes I see her standing in her kitchen in Crivitz, Wisconsin. A small tiny town in northern Wisconsin where she lived 90% of her life.
She was born before the turn of the century in 1896. Spoke of riding horses and in wagons most of her life.
Her mother died when she was 16 and she went to work at the hotel by the railroad tracks. Which at that time were the lifeblood of the timber industry. She cooked and cleaned all day long six days a week . On Sunday after worshiping at the local Catholic Church she went about with the lumberjacks and bark strippers.
She was known for cooking especially her pies. Her best pie Lemon Meringue with a tart flavor and tender crust. As I slice these lemons she comes to mind. She survivied hardtimes and hard winters. A woman I wish I'd known better.

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