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Laurie in Bradenton

Pearls Legacy

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by , 10-13-2008 at 02:19 PM (2920 Views)
In April my maternal grandmother passed. She was 93 years here on this planet. She was another amazing woman in my life. I've been blessed to know many.
Today I recieved a check from her estate for savings bonds she collected over her life. Its a small check of just over $4,000.00 but when you consider that she never held a paying job after she married my grandfather in 1930, its amazing. She was the meaning of frugal. She wasn't born to or with money and at age eight lost her mother. Her father a drunk left her off at the orphanage steps to be passed from home to home but never claimed because he never signed the papers. But she made her way learning every step of the way. She did well in school and graduated with a teachers certificate. True love step in and she married my grandfather and never taught a day in a classroom. Instead she taught by example to her children and grandchildren and any other child that came into her life.
She taught me to use everything to its bear end and then some. Always save a dime from every dollar you get someday you'll need it. In her kithen cabinet she kept a jar with change. Those coins became savings bonds and today those bonds were cashed in and divided up between me and my 2 sisters and 2 cousins.
Grandma would be pleased to know that her money is going to pratical things at my baby sisters home a new refrigerator and food to fill it. Here at my home food for the freezer, a new vaccum hose and 2 new tires. Then the rest will be tucked away in a fruit jar for down the road. Pratical woman and pratical things. Pearls lessons of frugalitly live on.

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  1. lotsadebt's Avatar
    Wonderful story. I think we need to get back to the old timers line of thinking. Those depression survivors had something that was valuable that was VALUES.