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Laurie in Bradenton

My Sisters

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by , 10-15-2008 at 05:57 PM (1863 Views)
I've got two of them both younger and I consider them both blessings.
My sister Missy is closest in age just 11 monthes younger than me. But Shelly is closest to me in friendship. We have always depending on each other and been close. As kids we played with each other daily. Went to the same schools had the same friends. Missy and I shared a room because Shelly was 2 years younger and for awhile was on different schedules than us.
As kids Missy weaker and smaller and picked on in our neighborhood. I can still hear her calling to me "Lauireee
help me, wait for me!" As the older is was my Job to watch out for her. Today she repays me by watching our parents who she lives with.
Shelly was the spoiled baby who we all turn to now for "what do you think?" advice.
We get together often for sisters days. We go to lunch and drag our daughters along we each have one. Who surprisingly have no sisters of their own only brothers. We try to impress upon them the wonderful thing it is to have a sister, when we didn't give them one of their own. Go figure!?
Since my parents moved to Florida from Wisconsin when we were all very small we had no extra cousins or family members to hang with. So we have a special tight bond between us now.
Today I thank God for Missy and Shelly. Two wonderful women and great sisters.

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