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Laurie in Bradenton

First Day of Fall

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by , 10-20-2008 at 05:22 PM (1691 Views)
Awoke to that crisp smell in the air this morning. The one that says to your nose its time to take a deep breath and not sweat. Here in South Florida most mornings are like breathing throught a wet washcloth, damp and muggy. But when that first below 70 morning comes its a welcome relief.
We had that morning today on a Monday of all days. The dogs are frisky and bounding up and down wanting me to walk in the yard with them. As I step out into the cool predawn air my skin tingles with a chill. My coffee takes on a new flavor and warmth in my hand. Yes, its only 68 but I can walk without reaking into a sweat. The concrete paths feel chilly and cold under my barefeet. I'll need slippers soon and maybe a bathrobe. haha But today its a pleasure to feel the cool and wonder about leaving the windows open all day.

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