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Hiding under My Blue Blanket

Someone give me some cheese please.

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by , 09-27-2009 at 10:18 AM (3825 Views)
Well, it was a busy and exhausting week. I do love teaching and I love it even more, when doing online, to share the duties with someone else. However, there are a couple of courses I teach online that only need one instructor (largely due to the size of the class) and I had both of those this week. The reviews were really good. To add even more to ending the week on a good note, I found out I passed my certification (I had written the beta version of the certification in August and there has been some mix up over results).

But while all this is good, there are still things that dampened my happiness. K's mom sent back my birth certificate stuff (I asked her to be my guarantor since I need someone who's a "professional") and I sent that off to Ontario's Registrar General. I'm hoping that they do a quick turn-over on that and that I didn't miss anything. It's annoying to not have my email match my name. Once the birth certificate is done, then I send it off to Employment Canada to get my SIN (Social Insurance Number) redone. I figure that'll be done by the end of the year (given the speed of most government departments). I kinda wonder if it's a global thing that government departments run at the pace of a slow moving snail. Maybe it's a requirement or something?

Honestly, however, it's not the name change thing that's bugging me. It's surgery. Two specifically. While the second isn't as critical (yet) for me, the first one is: top surgery (double mastectomy) and bottom (for now, hysterectomy would suffice). I can't get it covered under my present plan and they specifically exclude GRS/SRS from coverage. If I switch to another provider (assuming that the HealthCare Reform doesn't go through), I technically have a pre-existing condition (GID) that could preclude me from coverage there. Which really sucks. So, I'm going to have to save (about $10,000) in addition to paying off debt.


I just have to remind myself I can do this. It's very conceivable to save up the money as well as pay off the debt. It's kind of like having motivation to lose weight: being determined as to what the final goal is. Does it mean I'll fall off the wagon now and again? Oh, sure. But if I keep at it, I'll have more steps forward than back. I think one of the things that would help (well, two actually) is a slight raise (haven't had one in a couple of years now) and a green card. I think both of those would be welcomed. In just over 13 months, my present visa will expire (unless they get the extension, which tacks on another 2 years to it). I'd rather have the green card. I think I've proven that I'm here for the company and will be staying well beyond the life of the green card. Either Oct or November will be annual review time so I'm going to have to figure out how to word this best.

Sometimes, I just wish I could win the lottery -- even a little 2nd place. I know I'm not in a horrible situation and know that I put myself in this situation but there are times when I could just use the breather. And don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the roof over my head, the beautiful love in my life and the job I have. I know many others are no where near that. But... [insert whiney voice here]

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Oh Linus, I am so sorry you are facing so many obstacles. Wishing you the best of luck that things will turn around quickly for you soon!
  2. ktsmama's Avatar
    Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly with the government paperwork. I am sure everything will work out fine. Just keep moving forward.

    Good Luck!