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Hiding under My Blue Blanket

I so love my company..

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by , 10-22-2009 at 10:00 PM (4534 Views)
Or at least my manager. A few months ago, while running between flights and having to lug my laptop out for security checks, it dropped and caused some damage to the case. It was enough that it required a repair. After talking with colleagues, they said just get it fixed and file the expenses like I normally do. So I did. I went to Apple and they said it wasn't covered under warranty and that it would cost $400 or so.

I file the expense only to have it rejected. I spoke to my manager, she spoke to her peers and forwarded me a form for non-travel related expenses. I filed it as per those docs and then got told that got rejected because I used the wrong form. So I filed it again with the new form. This back and forth caused the expense to be almost 3 months after the initial repair. I let it be as I got busy with work and was checking my work credit card, which is what I used to pay it, and noticed that it hadn't been paid.

I spoke to my manager about it since we had to resolve all our outstanding expenses with the card as we were switching from Amex to M/C. I got told that it would be rejected because it was too late to file it. I wasn't happy and my boss was livid. She waited a day to calm down to address it. I got again, this time by a different VP, that it would be rejected. I was dismayed with the thought of having an unexpected charge of $400 to address quickly.

This evening I got an email from my boss that it was finally approved. My boss had continued to argue on my behalf and highlighted that the process to file non-travel related expenses wasn't as clear as the company thought. Her actions reminded me how much I love working for my company, not just because the I love our products and believe in them so much but because the people are so awesome and humble. I told her I owed her a dinner for this but she said that she owed me one for all the times I've been flexible when they needed someone to fill in at the last minute. It capped a day that had been somewhat depressing but was ending on a good note.

I went to the local cigar store to unwind and won a cap as well. Then I found out that the Matthew Shepard bill got approved by the Senate (I know that some may not approve or understand but as a trans individual, it adds a little more protection for someone like me).

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  1. ktsmama's Avatar
    Glad your day ended on a good note! We can all use one of those once in a while.
  2. Linus's Avatar
    Ya. And after the week I had, it was a good thing. I was ready to let the client know I wasn't please with their participation. People forget that to learn 100% you need two components: 50% of it is the instructor and 50% of it is the student. I did my 50% but they were around 10% so..