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Hiding under My Blue Blanket

I iz Famous. Sorta. Kinda.

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by , 03-12-2010 at 11:46 AM (1353 Views)
So I've had a busy week. I got my 2nd 15 minutes of fame in my life (my first was when my mom died and some friends did a wine and cheese to raise awareness about violence against women in Canada). This week CNN has been doing a few pieces on what it's like to be transgendered/transsexual and they wanted members of the community to transmit messages to the world at large. Yesterday I got a ping from one of the editors who wanted more info about me (including phone number). As it turned out my iReport was used as the main iReport for the overall concept (see here: Transgender messages: News & Videos about Transgender messages - CNN iReport). It's rather flattering. I checked out Anderson Cooper's interview with Chaz and some of the responses/comments to it. Most people seemed to be saying "Why? I don't understand..".

Possibly the only way I know how to answer that is with a question: Explain to me what it's like to feel completely at home in your gender, where looking in the mirror you think to yourself "Yup. That's me". It's odd that this is something that has always been part of my life, like a dull migraine in the back of my head but one that I never really examined until I saw that perhaps there was a way to get rid of it. And when I understood that there was a variety of paths I could take, including on that might actually result in me seeing the "inner me", it was time for a jump. I have not regretted any part of my transition thus far and I still have more to go, along with the challenges associated with them. One of the biggest is surgery. I so desperately want top surgery and I'd like to get it before going on my bike trip next year.

So to that end, I cashed in some stock that I got as a bonus (the government took it's overly fair share) and the rest will go to wiping out nearly 60-70% of my debt in one fell swoop. I still have more shares left over and those I might use towards surgery itself if I cannot get it covered under health insurance. I'm waiting until I get to L.A. and there I will be aggressively aiming at losing weight. I've fluctuated at losing about 10 lbs but I need to shed more. I have to bring myself down by nearly another 90lbs. I've let the exercise go by the wayside because of a few life challenges but will be trying to incorporate those again. I'll also be looking at pursuing a more raw vegan lifestyle.

K and I discussed the move the other night and we decided to sell or donate all larger items (except for the printer, bikes and humidors) or stuff we don't need. Books and non-critical stuff we'll send via USPS while critical or sensitive stuff we'll send via UPS. This makes only Bobcat the issue when moving (she won't like it but hopefully this will be the last plane trip for her). Once we're in L.A. we get furniture there. I'll be selling my Dell desktop and I'll get a new personal desktop when I'm in L.A. (likely go Apple but not sure yet as to whether to get a Tower or a Mac Book Pro). The thing that I like is that it removes my attachment to things and allows me to purge the things I really don't use/need. This should, theoretically, make life simplier. As I look around I realize there is a lot of clutter in my life and things I really don't need. I've gotten better at asking myself "Do you really need that? Wait a night or two before buying it, if at all possible". Books, in particular, fall under this category. I LOVE to read and I LOVE to learn. Books, for me, have always been the avenue for this. Most of the books I tend to keep are technical books since I tend to use them as reference (I have a heard time reading on my laptop or other computer screen although I'm ok on my iPod -- go figure).

Of course, tied in with this stress over the move (exact date TBD) is the stress over the work visa. And it appears I may be getting a new one. This new one should lead me to a green card and then, well... who knows. If we get just get the visa part settled, it would alleviate a lot. Add to that the wait for the new birth certificate. Now that I've settled all the uproar over what commissioner they wanted (a commission of oaths), I'm now waiting for the actual certificate to come through. Then I can move forward on a SIN and then -- yay! -- new passport with a new picture! Gender will still be F for now. Until I have surgery, I cannot get that changed. Once I do have the surgery, I get to go through this all over again...




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  1. Gabe's Avatar
    Welcome Back Linus! Cool stuff.

    Now I can say I "Know" someone famous! Kudos to stepping up and sharing with others.

    Good choice on paying down debt. :)

    I bought an Imac last fall. love it. I use parallels to virtualize windows, linux, and a lamp environment along with google OS. :) It works well and inexpensive.

    Don't fall off the debt free wagon! lol
  2. Linus's Avatar
    Glad you like the IMac. LAMP is an awesome, easy environment to build. I was just sorry to see Oracle buyout MySQL. Hopefully, they'll keep it free.

    And ya. I'll by trying to stay on the debt free wagon. I'll be getting rid of a couple of credit cards when I pay them off to avoid temptation.