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Hiding under My Blue Blanket

Moar I iz famous

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by , 03-19-2010 at 07:53 PM (802 Views)
I really need to remember to bring my phone with me when I go out. K keeps reminding me to do this. I should have but forgot.

Class had finished early so I thought I'd go out for a walk given the nice weather. I haven't left the apartment in about a week and it was nice to stretch my legs and get out for a few hours. I had to get more yarn (yes, I'm a man who crochets... don't all gasp in horror at once). I was going to get my haircut but I'll hold off on that until Sunday (I've become rather shaggy and this warm weather hasn't helped). I'm also going to visit the optometrist as it's been a couple of years since my last exam and I'm finding that watching TV has been hard (the fuzziness). So it's a needed expense that I have to do.

After walking around for about three hours, I came back to relax and follow up on some work that I had to do. I decided to call K in Los Angeles and noticed that there was a voice mail waiting. I listened to it and it was an intern from CNN wanting to talk to me about my transition.

<insert jaw drop here>


Who knew that 3 simple pictures would make such a difference?

I called back and left a message. As it happens, I'm doing the same course next week as I did this week which means long hours (9am until 7pm) but since it's a co-teach I might be able to call during lunch or while my co-instructor is teaching. We'll see what happens but needless to say, it's all rather exciting to be contact by the media for something positive than my last experience. (My last direct interaction with the media was a reporter asking me how I felt about my mom being brutally murdered. It was one of those "You aren't seriously asking me that, are you??!").

If I get a follow-up, I'll definitely update here.

Stay tuned!

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