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Who Knew Mondays could be good?

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by , 03-29-2010 at 02:09 PM (900 Views)
So this weekend was good. I had originally planned on going for nice long walks on Saturday and Sunday but had nearly forgotten about my H&R Block appointment on Saturday. Geesh! Where does the time go?? It is that time of the year again, tax time. I figured I'd get some back and H&R Block are pretty good about reminding me about things I can cover as expenses and such. I owe a small amount to NYC for city taxes (only because the company didn't realize I was in NYC area and thus, taxed under it). But it's really small. Between what I get back from the Feds and what I owe for NYC and paid towards H&R, I'll get back a fair amount. Additionally, after discussing it with my preparer I may have held back more money from my stocks than I needed to. If I'm right, between the return and the difference another credit card may yet bite the bullet. Even if I don't use that amount, nearly a third will go *poof* thanks to the Federal return. Paying off this particular credit card will be important since the interest rate is 29%!! It's absurd how much they can charge in interest. Heck, loan sharks seem to charge less in some regards. Once this one is done, then I'll go after the remaining credit card and then, lastly, the line of credit (which has the lowest interest of anything I have). I'm contemplating canceling two Canadian credit cards (Amex and Visa) since I have ones down here but I may keep the Visa and just trash the Mastercard. They give me the most grief since I don't have a Canadian address any more.

And as always, I checked my FICO score in both Canada and the US. I do this for two reasons: first, to see if there are an discrepancies between the reality of me and what they think I have, and second, to see how I fair out there. My Canadian FICO is actually good (mid-700s) while my US FICO is a little low (mid-600s) but I think the lower US score is due to only being here for two years. I'm sure as time passes that will get better and better. My plan to get a house is more realistic as each day passes. I've been better about my spending and this will alleviate some of it. If I continue as I have been, I should be credit card and line of credit debt free by this time in 2012. And that is definitely a good thing.

As I was writing this entry, I went ahead and canceled my Canadian AMEX. It was surprisingly easy. They even had it as part of their automated telephone system. It was weird, however, since I was hoping to speak to them and have to battle to get it canceled. But I suspect the major ones, especially if you don't use it that often or if it's paid off, are not really interested in fighting you for it. Ever since I took that leap and paid off most of my debt, I've felt free and more alive. It's a great feeling. Getting rid of it completely will be awesome.

After doing that, I got a call. It was CNN. I finally did that interview with the intern. It was nice and very polite conversation. It'll be interesting to see the final piece. He said it'll be by the end of the week or sometime next week. (knowing news media it's possible that it could be pre-empted by some disaster somewhere and that's fine). I'll give credit to CNN that they are, at least, attempting to put us more in the spotlight and not as some freak show. They seem genuinely interested in who we are and how we got to where we're at. I still think they need to cover more of the rainbow of the types of trans individuals and not just the white side of things. What I face as challenges are far, far different than what POC trans individuals face. That I have no illusions about and I mentioned that as well.

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