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Is It Just Me

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by , 09-22-2008 at 01:28 PM (1667 Views)
Am i the only one who spends alot of money at Christmas time I have 4 kids ds 35 ds33 dd31 ds 19 and a wonderful son in law. I always give them money and some surprises they still like to open things even as old as they are I save all year for this holiday and I always geive at least 500.00 in cash each and extras I want to do it and I am neither bragging or complaining but it seems like Im the one whos out of whack I also have a brother and my parents so it is always an expensive holiday do you think Im crazy This is the way the holiday has always been done in my family are we the oddballs any input thanks lora

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  1. mommy4ever's Avatar
    Lora, I don't think it's only you. We are a family with 4 kids, 14, 11,9, 5. We too spend quite a bit on them. And in all likelihood will do what you do when they are grown. We are working hard to be debt free, and will help them to live debt free, hopefully. I do believe Christmas is a time of giving and sharing too.