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Building Your Own Coupon Binder

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by , 03-12-2009 at 08:27 PM (4341 Views)
What Do I Make My Binder Out Of?

This size and construction of your binder depends solely on how many coupons you want to have with you when you shop. I routinely carry about 400 different ones. I find that the binder method works well for me even at that level.

People have been known to use baseball card pages in their binders - but others find these sections too small. I prefer the long thin binders used to hold photos. Cheap photo albums can be found at the dollar store. They have them from tiny picture sized ones (one picture a page) all the way up to full paged sized ones (three to six pictures a page). Again, the size you choose will depend on the number of coupons you want to carry.

How do I group the coupons?

By using tabs found in your office supply store you can easily make sections in any configuration you find useful. Baking goods, canned goods, pet items, children's items, etc. are common categories. Tabbed sections let you quickly and easily flip to the section containing your desired coupon. After all, you can't use it if you can't find it!

Note - I have a section called "Use First" where I put the coupons I want to use the next time I shop regardless of the sales. These are usually store incentive coupons (like "X free with any 10$ purchase") and free item or BOGO coupons. Any high priority coupon can be put there, as well as really good coupons waiting for the next sale!

Compile Your Binder:

1) Get the binder. If your binder does not give you the option to add additional pages later make sure it is big enough to last you for quite a while.

2) Get sticky tabs from the office store.

3) Put several pages in each section aligning the tabs next to each other down the side.

4) Put coupons in the slots in one of several ways: Alphabetically, by expiration date, or just randomly. Random insertion works well only to a certain point at which time an attempt to alphabetize or otherwise order them would be helpful!

5) Take your coupon binder with you to the store even if you think you won't need it! If you see an unadvertised sale you won't kick yourself knowing you had coupons for that item sitting at home!

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