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01/29/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

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by , 01-30-2009 at 12:57 AM (760 Views)
Pretty good day today, although it could have stood some improvement.

I started my day with 2 cups of water, 2 cups of coffee, an apple, and 1/2 mini-loaf of applesauce bread. Had a pita bread and a big serving of baked brussels sprouts for lunch. That pretty much held me all day, until I had a late dinner of soup.

Drank my eight glasses of water, and managed to space them out throughout the day.

My best move of the day was to do 46 minutes on the treadmill!!! I normally put on "What Not to Wear," and go for half an hour. This time, I put on a pre-recorded "House," and I got so into it, I stayed on the treadmill for the whole episode (46 minutes, if you skip forward on the commercials). I'm very happy that I pushed myself, and I'm going to try for 45 minutes tomorrow, as well.

Will take my vitamin as soon as I finish this entry (which is how I remember to take the vitamin)!

Okay, things I did right: water, exercise, multi-vitamin. I also didn't eat anything too disgusting, although the soup is a "ready to eat" with more fat than I'd like. Basically, I'm just trying to get rid of some of the less healthy foods in my stockpile within the time they have before expiration. Once I get rid of them, I am not planning on replacing them. But that would be going off into a long tangent about what I've learned about stock-piling.

Things I didn't do right: way over-ate on the brussels sprouts. I tend to get "addicted" to a specific food, and right now, it is brussels sprouts. Could be worse, I guess. Could be deep-fried pork rinds. But I had what probably constituted three servings of those sprouts at one sitting! Also, still couldn't get up the energy to do weights or calisthenics. The treadmill kind of knocked me on my butt.

Not an A+ day, but I'm working my way up there. I think it was a B+ day, for sure.

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  1. chevy_chick95's Avatar
    your doing great! i love reading your entries.. so motivating!
  2. UUMomof3's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry too much about eating too many brussels sprouts. Really. I mean, I guess I'd be worried if I ate any at all...
  3. madhen's Avatar
    I know I'll get off the kick eventually, but right now, I just crave them. I bake them with just a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper. Once they get tender and caramelized, they are ready to eat. SO good!!! I keep buying big batches of them, thinking I'll use them as side dishes, then eating them instead of anything else.