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01/30/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

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by , 01-31-2009 at 12:10 AM (1160 Views)
Pretty good day today. Breakfast was an applesauce mini-loaf, an apple, a hard-boiled egg, and 2 cups of coffee. Lunch was a pita bread with hummus that I made myself! (Very tasty!!) After that, I went out for a short walk, only about 2 miles, then did some free weights for my arms. Dinner was a big salad. I was VERY tempted to not eat dinner, because I am worried about not losing any weight for my weigh-in tomorrow, but I decided that would be cheating, in a way, as my whole goal is to find a balance that I can live with, and I don't want a life of skipping meals. So, despite my concerns, I had a big salad with a nice, tangy ginger/soy dressing.

Of course, prior to that salad, I did another 46 minutes on the treadmill, just to play it safe.

Drank my eight glasses of water and took my multi-vitamin. Did my sit-ups, so I think I covered upper, middle, and lower body today!

My only "negative" was that I never left to go into town, because I worked from home, so I never cleaned myself up and made myself presentable. Part of my self-image challenge was to face each day with as good a face as possible and with the best foot forward, and I slipped up a bit there.

Nevertheless, I think I deserve an A- today. If I lived every day like today, I'd be pretty darned healthy!

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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    You did great. I totally blew it today, but hope the first part of the week covers me.I have eaten Hummus before, how do you make it?
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Thanks, Frugal Fannie,

    I posted the recipe in the thread "Try New Recipes Challenge".


    It was VERY simple, and the results were great, so I'll be making it again!
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You did great today madhen! That is alot of exercise! Good luck today!