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The second shopping trip of the month!

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by , 02-12-2009 at 08:46 PM (1045 Views)
Here's the breakdown:

Zithromax (prescription antibiotic) $14.07
Feline Pine cat litter $10.99
Knife sharpener $6.99
Sushi (2 containers) $17.68
Escarole lettuce $1.29
Broccolini $2.49
Organic bunch carrots $1.49
Watercress $1.49
Valentine's Day card $8.28
Canister $9.79
Garbanzo beans (2 cans) $3.18
Pickled radish $5.99
Kimchee $4.49
Half & Half $2.99
Catsup $5.29
Bottled water (2 jugs) $2.98
Sugar (10 lb bag) $5.79
Soymilk (1 gallon) $7.98
Pasta sauce $4.39
Russet potatoes (8 lbs) $3.49
Frozen corn (2 2-lb bags) $7.98
Frozen mixed veggies (2 lb bag) $3.99
Croutons $2.29
Cough syrup $5.99
Organic bananas (3 lbs) $3.29
Tea $4.29
Crispy onion toppings (2 bags) $5.18
Motion sickness tablets $3.19
Frozen blueberries $4.69
Shredded cheddar cheese $4.29
Fresh tomatoes (2.28 lbs) $3.40
Blood oranges (3.22 lbs) $4.80
Grapes (2.17 lbs) $5.40
Apples (3 lbs) $4.99
Organic kiwifruit (8 total) $4.99
Fresh organic blueberries $2.50
Pine nuts (2 lbs) $19.98
Organic baby spinach $3.00
Organic spring mix lettuce $3.00
Organic herb mix $3.00
Taxes $3.33

Okay, the antibiotics, the cough syrup, and the motion sickness tablets are all at the recommendation of the doctor. They are also all covered under my flexible spending account, so I will be getting reimbursed for these (as well as the cough drops purchased at the beginning of the month).

The cat litter is for the bunny's litter box.

The knife sharpener and the plastic container are both necessary kitchen additions. All my knives are totally dull, and even though Bel Air offers free knife-sharpening service, I: a) always forget to take my knives in and b) want to be able to sharpen them routinely.

The majority of the produce (veggies and fruits) are to be shared by me, the parrots, and the bunny. Same with the bottled water. The watercress is for the the finches. The shredded cheddar cheese is for the parrots, as are the pine nuts.

The frozen veggies and blueberries are for the chickens.

The croutons and onion toppings are for salads and so are for me. Same with the tomatoes, although I might also try dehydrating some of them. The tea is also for me: Twinings Irish Breakfast. My favourite tea in the whole wide world - with sugar and cream, it is to DIE FOR!!

The soymilk and bananas are for smoothies. Also to die for. The blood oranges are for fresh juice.

The sugar is for the hummingbirds.

The catsup is a HUGE bottle. I rarely use catsup, but finally used up the last bottle I bought, so bought a new one to replace it.

I can't justify the pasta sauce, the pickled radish, or the kimchee. Just sheer laziness on my part for the first one, and cravings for the second two. I LOVE HM pickled radish and kimchee, but can't make it myself successfully, and can't convince my mother to make it for me, so I am reduced to buying a pathetic substitute at the grocery store.

The potatoes were a good bargain, and I have a vague notion of making up a big batch of mashed potatoes and freezing them.

The garbanzo beans are to replace the two cans I used up making hummus, as I'm thinking about making some more!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Most of your groceries are for the animals! Barely anything is for you. You have some really spoiled birds and bunnies.
  2. Contrary Housewife's Avatar
    It all sounds really good, and looks like you eat pretty well.
  3. madhen's Avatar
    I don't do a lot of meat, which keeps costs down, and I am being better about not buying pre-packaged meals or treats. My weakness is BBQ potato chips, but I'm not allowing myself to have any until I drop below 150 lbs.