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Shopping trip #3

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by , 02-21-2009 at 12:01 AM (1147 Views)
Organic baby spinach $4.99
Organic salad greens $5.99
Organic herb salad $3.99
Soymilk (2 cartons) $7.98
Organic mushrooms (2 cartons) $7.38
Bag of cut-up veggies $5.99
Mother Earth News $4.99
Organic salad dressing $4.29
Half and Half $2.99
Shredded carrots $1.69
Quart-size plastic storage bags $3.69
Sandwich plastic storage bags $2.99
Tofu (3 packs) $5.07
Alfalfa/broccoli sprout mix $2.49
Organic carrots (bunch) $1.29
Organic bulk hulled barley (2.75 lbs) $4.92
Organic bulk dry-roasted peanuts (1.86 lb) $4.82
Organic bulk soy beans (1.65 lb) $3.28
Packet of seeds (two heirloom) $3.98
Eggplants (2) $2.98
English cucumbers (2) $3.98
Brussels sprouts (2.35 lb) $3.74
Garlic (4 bunches) $2.00
Leeks (.32 lb [1 leek]) $.64
Tax $.88

The baby spinach, salad and herb greens are all containers, for salads. I'm getting hooked on eating a salad every day! Same with the salad dressing. I tried Marie's Honey Dijon on my last trip, and it is heavenly!! I couldn't find it this trip, so I went with Marie's Honey Mustard (hoping it is close enough).

The bag of chopped veggies is me being lazy. I bought those to make it easier to give the bunnies and parrots breakfast without having to stand there and chop up all their food. I may also snack on the veggies myself, if I get around to making more hummus!!

The shredded carrots and the sprouts are for the finches. I have had no luck sprouting seeds for them, and the carrots are again, me being lazy. If I'd thought it out, I would have just used the bunch carrots and my food processor.

The garlic is because I use a lot of garlic! I also wanted to roast at least two of the bulbs to use later for the hummus.

The plastic bags are because I have run out, and I wanted to have some options for OAMC storage.

The tofu is both extra-firm and silken. The extra-firm, along with the peanuts, will be used to make some more kung-pao tofu. (Some of the peanuts will also be sacrificed to the parrots.) The silken is because I saw a recipe for making a couple of vegan dips, and they called for silken tofu. So I probably didn't HAVE to buy it, but they last forever in the fridge, so I snagged one.

The bunch carrots I got because the bunnies love carrot tops. I will eat the carrots as snacks, so no waste there!

The barley and some of the mushroom will be turned into soup. (See recipe in Vegetarian section of FV cookbook. Yummy!!)

I used the soymilk (Chocolate Silk Lite) for both soymilk/banana smoothies and to wash down my multi-vitamin every night.

The eggplant is the large bell-shaped eggplant. I saw a piece on making eggplant lasagne on t.v. the other day, and while I will have to admit that I would never have made eggplant lasagne based on any written recipe, this finished product looked really tasty, so I picked up some eggplant to give it a try. (I have the rest of the ingredients.) I am trying to experiment a bit with my boundaries, food-wise.

The cucumbers are for the salad, for snacking, and also to make "Taiwan pickles," (also in the Veg section of the FV cookbook). Same with the soybeans, although I may experiment a bit with this batch and put a little oil in it so the salt sticks better. (I shouldn't have posted all those recipes, because now I'm craving them!)

The leek is just because I like having a leek or two around for if I want soup. I have to admit that I didn't use the last one, and it ended up in the compost, but it seems like every time I *do* need one, I don't have it, so I try to keep one or two at the ready.

The brussels sprouts are for snacking. Roasted with a little olive oil and salt - oh, yeah, baby, I'm there!!

The seeds are both heirloom varieties, so I should be able to save their progeny for future yields. I bought a salad tomato (Bloody Butcher) and paste tomato (Super Italian Paste). I'll try to get them planted indoors this weekend.

Finally, I got a copy of Mother Earth News, because the lead article advertised on the cover is "Eat Better, Save Money: Simple Ways to Cut Your Food Bills by 50%". Couldn't resist. Seemed like Fate threw this mag in my path.

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