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March 2009 - Second spending trip of the month

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by , 03-04-2009 at 05:01 PM (1048 Views)
Ouch!! Four days into the month, and I'm already a couple of hundred dollars in the hole!

Purchased today:

Silk soymilk creamer $1.79
Soymilk $3.99
Potato chips $2.49
Cheese puffs $2.89
mozzarella cheese (big bag) $7.99
frozen strawberries $2.79
frozen blueberries $3.69
Claritin antihistimine $18.99
Neti pot with "sinucleanse" $14.99
shampoo $6.99
conditioner $6.99
2 magazines $10.49
crystallized ginger $4.69
coriander $5.59
three greeting cards $11.67
organic bananas (5.83 lbs) $6.35
sweet potatoes (1.70 lbs) 2.53
oranges (3.78 lbs) $2.23
apples (2.57 lbs) $2.26
prescription Zithromax $14.07

Okay, good demonstration of not shopping when: a) you are hungry; and b) you don't feel well. I had to wait around for 20 minutes for my prescription, so this was the damage I did in that time.

The antihistamines, neti pot, and drugs are all under FSA, so I'll get that money back.

The soymilk was to replace the carton I finished off yesterday. The creamer is an experiment to see if I can replace my Half-and-Half.

The salty snacks and ginger were my hunger and need to feel better talking. The magazines were the result of me killing time by standing at the magazine rack, then getting SUCKED in by "Love of Knitting" and "Natural Health."

The strawberries were to try out thesightofoneself's vegan strawberry cake recipe. The blueberries are parrot snacks.

The coriander was to try a carrot/coriander souffle recipe I have.

The mozzarella is to replace all the cheese I used up on my eggplant lasagne (and will, in part, be used for Eggplant Lasagne: the saga continues)

The sweet potatoes are just because I like baked sweet potatoes and have been craving them. Fruit will be shared between me, the birds, and the bunnies.

Shampoo and conditioner are self-explanatory.

The cards are all Easter cards. My mother demands the really nice, expensive, full of glitter and open six-different-ways kind of cards, or accuses you of not loving her enough. I had to get two for her (mother and grandmother) and one for my sister.

All the above will be counted as grocery costs.

AFTER the groceries, I stopped off at the post office and bought a book of "forever" stamps.

THEN, off to the feed store, to buy the following:

black oil sunflower seeds (50 lbs) $25.99
nyjer thistle (17.5 lbs) $24.99
yogurt treats $3.99
chinchilla bath dust (32 oz) $5.99
Roudybush pellets (44 oz) $9.99
Exact pellets (2 lbs) $8.99
cage bedding (16 liters, 2 bags) $32.15

The sunflower and thistle are for the wild birds.

The yogurt treats are for the bunnies, as preventative for wool block (which they can get by digesting their own wool when they groom).

The chinchilla dust is for the chicks to dust-bathe in. It lasts pretty much forever, so I didn't mind getting them some.

The pellets are parakeet food.

The cage bedding is to replace newspaper currently used as cage liner.

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  1. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    i want to eat at your house!
  2. valerian's Avatar
    You've got Cheese Puffs? Okay, pass some
  3. madhen's Avatar
    Yes, they are Pirate's Booty white cheese puffs. So good... And the chips are Boulder Hickory BBQ, possibly the greatest chips EVER made in the history of mankind.
  4. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I want to come over too! We can have a party at madhen's house.