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Daisy's broken leg - return of the mummy

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by , 08-30-2008 at 02:54 PM (1279 Views)
Okay, so I head down into the birds' room the other day, and there is one of my parakeets, sitting there, leg sticking out at a forty-five degree angle. The look on her face says, "What are you going to do about it?"

I catch her (and she bites me in the process) and we go to the vet. Turns out that Daisy has a broken leg. The vet puts a tape splint on her and says these work great with budgies. Bring her back in a month and we'll take it off.

Daisy went into a hospital cage next to her pals, but a few days later, she was cruising around with no problems, so I put her back with her flock. A few more days - no problems.

I go down to feed them one morning, and there is Daisy, looking proud of herself. No sign of the splint ANYWHERE.

Packed up again and off to the vet. Vet apologizes and says maybe the first splint was not secure enough. Daisy gets re-splinted and returns home. Four days later, the splint is in pieces on the floor and Daisy is hopping around doing the budgie equivalent of the Snoopy dance, feeling good that she got rid of that annoying thing.

Off to vet the yet again. This time the vet says Daisy will need an e-collar to keep her from chewing on the splint. So we return with a new splint AND an e-collar, and Daisy goes back into the hospital cage, just in case she is getting assistance in her determined quest to rid herself of the splint.

This time, it takes her less than forty-eight hours. She manages to reach OVER the e-collar and bring her foot up JUST enough to grab the splint at the ankle, and she just keeps tugging until she loosens it and it slips off.

So now, after yet another visit to the vet, I have this teeny little budgie with what looks like a miniature satellite dish on her head, a new splint made from two different types of tape around her leg, AND a piece of tape over her back to help anchor the top of the splint and make it less likely to slip off.

The good news is that the vet thinks it can come off in one more week. The bad news is, at this rate, I think I'm going to end up having to put this bird in a straight jacket to keep her from getting the splint off before then!
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  1. daughter of pearl's Avatar
    That is absolutely bloody hilarious!!!