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03/23/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

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by , 03-24-2009 at 12:26 AM (1466 Views)
Productive day today, and better than yesterday, self-improvement-wise.

I spent the day (8am - 4pm) on the firearms range, so lots of physical exercise today!! Because I was outside most of the day, I tried to keep my water intake up, and I had 10 glasses.

In addition to the day, I did my sit-ups and I did my free weights. I have been doing a piddly little 5-lb weight, and I moved up to a 10-lb weight tonight. I did my regular routine, and I added some calf raises. I want to work back up to 20 and 25 lb weights, which is what I used to use. I was being sissy with the 5-lb weights, but I wanted to use something easy to get back into the routine before moving up. So I'm up to 10 lbs now, and will keep working my way toward my goal.

I forced myself to have breakfast this morning, even though I wasn't hungry AT all. (Too early!) I had my regular organic oatmeal with rice milk. I only had one cup of coffee, which I took with me in a commuter mug. I didn't get a chance for a real lunch, so I grazed on a handful of Wheat Thins and a few pieces of fruit. I DID also drink three small cups of coffee (black, with sugar) while sitting through endless Powerpoint classes this morning. Finally, for dinner, I stopped off at a local restaurant that I hadn't tried yet, and I had sushi for dinner. A spider roll and 2 pieces each of unagi and tako sushi. SO GOOD!!! I also had two cups of green tea, unsweetened.

Took my multi-vitamin with a swig of soymilk.

I am giving myself a B+ today. I should have anticipated not getting lunch and have packed one, but between being disorganized and a bit lazy, I didn't, so I was at the mercy of what was available. I could have just had a spider roll and not had the "a la carte" pieces, and I drank too much coffee. BUT, I also worked out and kept up a moderate level of exercise for about seven hours today, and still took the time to do my free weights AND add a leg exercise, as well as do sit-ups tonight.

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  1. fixer's Avatar
    I am jealous you got to spend the day at the firing range, My guess, it is not as fun when it is work.
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Getting scored is always a little stressful, because your scores follow you until you retire or die, and if you have a slightly "off" day, you know that the score is going to reflect it. (And if you are a shooter, you know how easy it is to have an "off" day.) Once you get that over with, the rest of the day can be fun. It gets old when we have the 10 hour non-stop training in 100F heat or 30F cold, and your thumb gets numb from having to reload magazines so many times, or when the entire day is set up as entry scenarios, where you are stressed out because you are being constantly placed into unfamiliar situations and told by people who know the answers to figure out the best solution in, oh, 10 seconds or so (or less, if they decide to spring some surprises on you once you are inside). But we can usually glean a moment or two of fun out of it.
  3. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Sounds stressful to me.How often do you have to get scored?
  4. madhen's Avatar
    We get scored quarterly, and most quarters, we also get other training, sometimes before, sometimes after, so sometimes you are pretty beat up by the time you step up to your target!!