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03/31/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

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by , 04-01-2009 at 12:54 AM (790 Views)
I did pretty well today, although I could have done better.

I had about 4 bites of oatmeal before running out the door this morning. Because I was hungry, I couldn't resist when I had a chance to have sushi for lunch, and I ate too much of it. I can still feel it sitting in my stomach, and in a way, I am glad I ate too much, because this feeling reminds me of why I need to regulate my meals. I don't like feeling like this!!

Prior to the sushi, I had three roasted soybeans and one Carl's Jr french fry (long story, gist of which was I was being polite). Hey, full disclosure here!!

I had my eight glasses of water and my multi-vitamin (with a swig of soymilk).

Exercise-wise, I forced myself to do 45 minutes on the treadmill, to hopefully reverse any calories that fry had !! If it knocks a few sushi calories out, even better!

I did my push-ups and my sit-ups.

Overall, I'm going with a B- today. I should have made time for breakfast so I didn't get so hungry. I should have paid more attention to my body than to my tastebuds. But I didn't do horribly, and tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, today is a new day and a new month! We can do it this month! Those 4 pounds which are our goal are coming off! You did great today Donna. I think 45 minutes on the treadmill did work off that french fry.
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Well, it at least kept it at bay.