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April Groceries - Trip 1

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by , 04-01-2009 at 10:33 PM (804 Views)
Frozen corn (2 bags) $6.28
Frozen organic corn $2.69
Frozen organic veggies $2.69
Frozen cherries $4.25
Frozen blueberries $4.99
Frozen blackberries $3.25
Half and Half (3 cartons) $7.77
Canola/red palm oil $6.49
Dipping oil $9.59
Canned garbanzo beans (6 cans) $6.78
Canned crushed pineapple (2 cans) $3.00
Corn flour $4.29
Shredded three cheese mix $3.99
Polenta meal $2.49
Croutons (2 bags) $4.58
Fried onion topping (2 bags) $5.18
Fresh strawberries $1.47
Raw sunflower seeds (bulk/ .80 lb) $1.59
Pine nuts (bulk/ .52 lb) $10.39
Dried cranberries (bulk/ .64 lb) $4.47
Shredded cheddar cheese $4.29
Terra chips $5.49
Organic spring mix $5.99
Sushi $19.78
Organic spinach $2.29
Organic herb mix $3.99
Amy's organic honey dijon dressing $4.29
Ground beef (9.8 lbs) $9.71
Roasted/unsalted peanuts $2.99
Hickory BBQ potato chips $2.99
Organic bananas (6.35 lbs) $5.02

Okay, not the best list this time, because I was feeling cocky after coming in so far under budget for March (and because I was hungry).

All the frozen veggies and fruit is bird food. (Non-organic corn is for the chickens.) The pine nuts and peanuts are also bird treats. The canola/red palm oil is mixed in very small doses in their seed to give them extra Vitamin A.

The ground beef is for the dogs. I make it a point to buy meat whenever it is below $1.00/lb, as it is cheaper to feed them real food than canned, at that point. It was 80% lean, so I got it. Normally, I get them their meat via a raw dogfood co-op, but the price was close to what I'd have to pay for a case. Raley's was selling "10 lb" chubs, so I got one.

The dipping oil (olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette), sushi, corn flour, polenta, pineapple, and chips are all impulse buys. I admit it and fall on my sword. The corn flour and polenta are because I am trying to find "fine" cornmeal, with no success, to make some cookies. I figured if they don't work for the cookies, I can always make tortillas!! (And polenta, or maybe sweet corn cakes!! Hey, I can use it for my try-new recipes challenge!!) I have a few cookie recipes that call for crushed pineapple, and it was on sale. In my defense, I have not yet eaten any of the junk food!! (And haven't made the cookies yet.)

The Half and Half will be used at home and one carton taken to work. For coffee, of course.

Garbanzo beans are for hummus (already made a batch this morning) and to make more roasted chili bonzo snacks - sooo good!!

The cheese mix, croutons, onion topping, salad dressing, greens, sunflower seeds, and cranberries are for salads. I will also share the greens with the bunnies and the sunflower seeds with the birds.

The bananas are for dried banana chips and to freeze for soy milk smoothies. The fresh strawberries were on sale, so they will probably be split between being eaten fresh as snacks and being dried.

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  1. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    if you bought less you would have to type so much...
  2. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    do you ever buy meat for you or is it all sushi?
  3. madhen's Avatar
    1) Good point!! I'll keep that in mind on my next trip!

    2) I RARELY buy meat, but I do once in a while. I'm not a big meat eater, I don't particularly like cooking with it, and it is a lot of money to spend for something I am just "so-so" about. I like most veggies, so adding meat to them just feels like I'm making more work for myself! I do occasionally buy it, if it is really cheap!! But it typically ends up sitting in the freezer for a month or so, and then I feed it to the dogs, because I'm too lazy to cook it. That was the fate of the last couple of pounds of ground turkey I bought, and the tilapia I bought about two months ago. I'd rather spend my money on fruit or BBQ potato chips.
    Updated 04-01-2009 at 10:49 PM by madhen
  4. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    cant blame you on the chips
  5. nadine64's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thesightofoneself
    if you bought less you would have to type so much...
    You're so funny