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April groceries - trip 2

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by , 04-05-2009 at 11:50 AM (749 Views)
Soy milk (2 cartons) $5.00
Carrots $1.29
Chicken $6.99
Bread $2.69
Box o' chocolate $6.99
Breakfast bars (2 boxes) $8.78
Frozen tortellini $7.39
Cider mix (4 packets) $1.00
Deoderant $3.39
M&M's $3.39
Packaged cakes (3 pkgs) $5.97
Fabric softener $5.99
Sweet potatoes (1.62 lbs) $2.41
Lemons (3) $.99
Brussels sprouts (3.42 lbs) $4.07
Mushrooms (.55 lb) $2.19
Cat food $9.49
Organic broccoli sprouts $2.49
Organic wheat grass (4 pkgs) $7.16
Glasses $17.99
Pirate's Booty cheddar puffs $2.50

Okay, before I get yelled at for buying MORE junk food, the cider is for stocking stuffers (on sale for .25/packet and some cool flavours, so I decided to get it for my sister), and the M&M's, box o' candy, and cakes are for Easter gifts.

The cheddar puffs are for me, but they are to be used as a salty snack to go along with bag lunch.

The soymilk was still on sale at 2 for $5, so I snagged two more cartons. Normally, it is $3.99 per carton.

The carrot chips, sprouts, and wheatgrass are bunny and bird snacks.

The bread is a baguette, to be eaten for lunches, along with the dipping oil I bought last time. The pasta is to make some pasta salad, also for bag lunch purposes.

The chicken is for the pups. Got it on sale for .69/lb.

The cat food is for the stupid feral cat, who I have now named Schroedinger, and who refuses to leave.

The glasses are magnifying reading glasses, because I got really, REALLY tired of threading teeny little needles for beading, and tried out the glasses at the bead store and liked what I saw. They are 2.75x magnification. I didn't realize reading glasses were so expensive!! But I figured it was worth the investment, as it was taking me up to five minutes to thread the d*mned needles, especially if the thread was frayed at all.

The rest of the veggies and fruit are for personal eating purposes.

The deoderant is self-explanatory.

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  1. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    breakfast bars? are they at least healthy?
  2. never2late's Avatar
    Gotta love those feral cats -they know a soft heart when they see one! I have two myself right now that keep coming around. I can't get anywhere near them, but they'll sit at my back door for hours waiting for food.
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Awww, I love the name you gave your kitty. We now have a feral cat hanging around as well but I refuse to let him come inside...2 cats and a rotweiller are enough but I do feed him/her.

    If you break your glasses (hopefully not) you can get them at the Dollar Store for a buck a piece.

    Good planning on the stocking stuffers! That's the way to do it.

    I would say a good shopping trip all in all.
  4. madhen's Avatar
    TSOO, they are the Fiber One bars. I've gotten hooked on having one for breakfast on days when I don't have time to boil the water for oatmeal. They do provide approx 30% of your daily fiber, which translates to mean when I eat one, I'm not hungry again until about 3:00 pm!!

    Thanks, never2late. Mine is wild, as well, but will come up to my deck and stare at me through the kitchen window if I forget his/her food.

    Debbie-cat, isn't it funny how they find you?

    I never thought of the Dollar Store for glasses!! I'll have to swing out that way again this week and check! (It is up in Placerville, and off on a road I don't normally travel on, so I keep forgetting about it.)
  5. madhen's Avatar
    I should also mention that the cider and packaged cakes were all in the clearance area, and were significantly discounted, so I frugalized Easter and Christmas!