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May's Challenges

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by , 04-30-2009 at 10:31 AM (1303 Views)
  • Skill-a-Month: Improve/expand vermicomposting skills (worm husbandry, yee haw!) and candle-making
  • Project-a-Month: Clean out all fridges and freezers
  • Lose-A-Pound-A-Week: 140 pounds by end of month
  • Book Club: 2 books
  • Needle Arts: present for my aunt (Mother's Day)
  • Get-Your-Business-Up-and-Running: create working calendar for holiday prep
  • Recipe-A-Week: 4 new recipes (mostly vegetarian)
  • No-Spend: 15 days
  • EF: $1,250 by end of month
  • Self-sufficiency: 1 thing every day
  • Frugality: 1 thing every day
  • Green living: 1 thing every day

May is going to be tough, because I'm going to be out of town for a week, but I'm going to really push to get my goals met this month.

Last month, I didn't meet my pound-a-week, needlework, and no-spend challenges, so this month will be a "catch up" month!

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Updated 04-30-2009 at 10:34 AM by madhen

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Great goals madhen! It will be tough to finish everything since you are going to be gone a week but I know you can do it!!
  2. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    i'm going to count my chickens before they hatch and say that your list is as good as done! we believe in you.
  3. Cricketlegs's Avatar
    oy! You and your worm porn! LOL!
  4. IndigoMom's Avatar
    Wow, feeling ambitious I see. Good luck to you with it!! We just started our first attempt at worm composting...we're at the wait and see stage now.