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First grocery shopping trip of May

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by , 05-01-2009 at 10:57 PM (1428 Views)
Brita filter $9.99
oatmeal $3.39
sugar $3.69
frozen bag corn (8 lbs) $7.98
frozen cherries $3.49
sushi $17.68
organic kiwi fruit (bag of six) $2.99
potato chips $2.49
organic frozen corn (2 bags) $5.38
organic frozen mixed veggies (2 bags) $5.38
organic frozen blueberries $4.39
organic baby lettuce $3.99
organic spring mix $7.98
organic salad mix $3.99
organic spinach $3.99
Half and Half $1.49
yogurt (12 containers) $7.20
bulk organic papaya (dried) (.22 lb at 4.59/lb) $1.01
bulk organic raw sunflower seeds (1.08 lb at 1.99/lb) $2.15
bulk scotch cereal (.59 lb at 1.89/lb) $1.12
bulk pecans (.52 lb at $14.99/lb) $7.79
sweet potatoes (2.34 lbs) $3.49
organic bananas (5.27 lb at 1.09/lb) $5.74

I bought a Brita pitcher a while back, to save on the cost of bottled water. But at $10/filter, I'm not sure how much of a savings I'll experience! I go through a lot of water, and the filter recommends changing at 40 gallons or every two months.

The oatmeal and pecans is for cookie/snack baking. I usually buy bulk organic oatmeal, but the store was out, and I got lazy.

The frozen veggies, blueberries, and cherries are for the parrots and chickens. The salad greens are for the bunnies, although some will be used as salads for me, and I'll mix in the spinach in my salads. The papaya is also for the bunnies. It helps to prevent wool block. Sunflower seeds will be split between bunnies, parrots, and my salads. The scotch cereal is for the bunnies, as well. They like oatmeal, but since I couldn't find organic, and I don't like feeding the smaller animals non-organic, I went with the scotch cereal, because it has oatmeal in it.

Now that the weather is getting warmer (although today was cold and wet), I'll be going back to yogurt for breakfast, instead of oatmeal. So the yogurts are all for me, for breakfasts. I pop them in the freezer, then eat them with a granola cereal topping.

The sweet potatoes are to make more sweet potato chips - SO GOOD!! The bag potato chips are my weakness and my downfall - Boulder Smoked Hickory BBQ - I usually buy one bag per shopping trip.

The sushi was for dinner tonight.

The kiwi fruit is for snacking and possibly will be a dehydrator experiment, as well.

The bananas will be split between being frozen for soymilk smoothies and dried for snacks.

The Half and Half is for my coffee. The sugar is for my coffee and to keep the hummingbirds happy. They are out in force again, and I'm going through approx 2 cups of sugar a day in nectar!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I think you listed like 4 things for you and the rest were for the animals! Spoiled pets!
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Well, all twelve yogurts are mine.
  3. qsaver704's Avatar
    Everyone of her lists are like that. If you would quit eating that sushi you would save tons of money. I guess since it is the ONLY meat you eat, you better keep it.
  4. madhen's Avatar
    I know, I know. Sushi is SO expensive!! But it is SO good!!I have a hard time going into Raley's, knowing it is there, and not buying it. Maybe I should eat a can of tuna before my next trip, to counteract the sushi pull.